Lionsgate Eyes 'Hunger Games' Prequels

With the blockbuster "Hunger Games" coming to a close with "Mockingjay -- Part 2," Lionsgate is already looking to the future of the franchise. Or, perhaps more accurately, its past.

Speaking at an investors conference, Lionsgate Entertainment Vice Chairman Michael Burns reportedly said that, much like "Harry Potter," "The Hunger Games" will "live on and on and on." That means fans should get ready for prequels.

"The one thing that kids say they missed [from the early 'Hunger Games' films] was there was no arenas," The Hollywood Reporter quotes Burns as saying.. "If we went backwards there obviously would be arenas."


According to THR, Burns also hinted at potential prequels, sequels or reboots of "Twilight," "The Expendables" and "Saw."

The studio, which has already begun to build upon the success of "The Hunger Games" with planned theme park attractions, has sought to expand its hit film franchises for a while now, with television series, virtual reality, and an investment earlier this year in developer Telltale Games.

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