"Lions, Tigers and Bears" Wins Angouleme Youth Award

Official Press Release

BERKELEY, CA -- Image Comics would like to congratulate Mike Bullock and Jack Lawrence for their work on LIONS,

TIGERS AND BEARS VOL. 1, which beat out stiff competition to take home the prestigious Angouleme Discovery Prize for Younger Audiences.

It's not often that an American book wins top honors at Europe's biggest Comic Con. Yet, Image Comics is proud to announce the French translation of LIONS, TIGERS AND BEARS VOL. 1(Tigres et Nounours) did just that at this weekend's Angouleme International Comics Festival. LIONS, TIGERS AND BEARS VOL. 1 is currently available in English in

the US, as well as in Italian, German, Spanish and French translations overseas.

The Discovery Prize is on par with the American Eisner Award, and to some, considered even more prestigious. That prestige is magnified due to the overwhelming amount of wonderful, high quality all-ages material created in France and throughout Europe.

"The magnitude of just how prestigious this is hasn't sunk in yet," states Bullock, creator and writer of the book. "I'm excited and honored that we won, and very thankful the book is reaching that many new readers."

More information on the Angouleme International Comics Festival can be found at:

LIONS, TIGERS AND BEARS VOL. 1, (JUL061683), a 128-page trade paperback with a cover price of $12.99, and is available through Diamond Previews.

"Amazing concept, great script, gorgeous art and a pure love of storytelling that permeates every page." -Gail Simone, Birds of Prey

"Mike and Jack have crafted a book that confirms to the youngest of us the possibilities of magic in our world-- and touches the hearts of the oldest of us to remind us of the power and importance of imagination." –Mike Wieringo, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

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