Lion King Eyes Doctor Strange's Chiwetel Ejiofor for Scar

Disney's forthcoming live-action Lion King remake might be about to reel in yet another big star. According to TheWrap, Doctor Strange star Chiwetel Ejifor is in talks to voice Scar.

If he signs onto the film, Ejifor will join an all-star cast that includes Donald Glover as Simba, James Earl Jones as Mufasa and Billy Eichner and Seth Rogen as the comedic duo of Timon the meerkat and Pumbaa the warthog. In the original animated film, actor Jeremy Irons voiced the villainous Scar, who famously murdered his brother -- and Simba's father -- Mufasa. Set to wreak havoc upon Scar's plans in the new live-action film will be John Oliver's Zazu, who proved to be instrumental in liberating the pride from his tyrannical rule in the original animated movie.

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The film, which is being directed by Jon Favreau, debuted footage during Disney's D23 event over the summer to high praise. Interestingly enough, around that same time, rumors began to circulate that Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman was in talks for the role of Scar; however, with this latest report, those rumors were later proven to be just that.

Ejifor, an Oscar-nominated actor, is coming off of his role as Mordo in Marvel's Doctor Strange, where he starred alongside Benedict Cumberbatch. His past credits also include 12 Years a Slave, The Martian and Serenity.

The remake will reportedly see a live-action animated style close to Favreau’s other Disney remake project, the 2016 film The Jungle Book. The Lion King is set to debut in theaters in 2019.

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