Independent Publisher Lion Forge Hit with Layoffs

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Lion Forge, a small indie comic publishing house out of St. Louis, announced the layoff of 12 employees this week. That number was confirmed by the company's senior publicist Jeremy Atkins and is said to be the first and only round of company-wide restructuring.

“We are restructuring from the top down, and across departments to ensure that our organization’s size and structure remains in line with our sales, as well as providing support for future increase in title output," the company said in a statement.

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"While the company remains healthy, we have taken a hard look at how best to focus our efforts for continued success," the statement continued. "As part of this process, we have made some difficult decisions, and none more difficult than in the case of personnel. As we move forward, we are working to continue to best position the company for both critical and sales success in a changing market.”

Lion Forge did not release the names of those laid off.

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Founded in 2011, Lion Forge made graphic novels its specialty. In 2016, the publisher underwent rapid expansion, increasing its size and staff, as it prepared to launch Catalyst Prime, a diverse superhero universe. Last September, Lion Forge was getting set for the publication of around 130 titles. Their menagerie of books includes Sheets, Noble, Upgrade Soul and Astonisher.

(Via Publishers Weekly)

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