Linsner Loves New York

[I Love New York]As final details begin pouring in on the various tribute projects being readied for release, yesterday Joseph Michael Linsner ("Dawn") announced the publication of his own tribute comic on his Web site to be released in January 2002. The site describes the project as follows:

"I Love New York"

24 pages. B&W interiors, fully painted color covers. Retail: $2.95

Story and Art by Joseph Michael Linsner

"Joseph Linsner was raised in Queens, New York, and from his apartment he could see the Twin Towers. On September 11th, 2001, New York was attacked and those building which he had thought of as eternal were destroyed. The unthinkable had happened and he knew that his country would never be the same. How does one react to such an overwhelming crime against humanity? Writer/artist JML gives his personal viewpoint on a tragedy that has affected a nation, a world, and a boy who grew up in New York."

A portion of the proceeds from this book will go to the American Red Cross, JML and Diamond will both be donating portions.

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