Links a Poppin'!!

It's always nice to catch you folks up on the interesting stuff that makes it way into my inbox, so here ya go! I hope you find something you're interested in!

The good folks at Isotope Comics are doing a launch party for First Second's American Born Chinese. Writer/artist Gene Yang & colorist Lark Pien will be there. It's September 20th, 2006 at 7pm at Isotope - the comic book lounge, 226 Fell St, San Francisco. Here's a link with more info (including a flyer and a quick glimpse at some of the art for the book).

The always interesting Alan David Doane has a nice review of The Best of American Comics 2006 here. There's a Joel Priddy story in the collection that I thought was excellent, so it's nice to see it included in the volume (the collection was edited by Harvey Pekar).

Scott King has an interesting story about the Baltimore Comic-Con being evacuated here. I love the shot of Don Rosa standing in the midst of the evacuees.

Matt Staggs has a pretty cool interview with Antony Johnston (writer of Oni's Wasteland) here.

You know what's a fun website? BobLayton.com Bob sure packs a lot of fun stuff into his website every month.

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