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15 Burning DCEU Questions We Need Answered

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15 Burning DCEU Questions We Need Answered

DC’s Extended Universe of movies started by introducing Superman in Man of Steel; and each subsequent film, from Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice to the soon to be released Justice League, has worked to further the narrative of this super-heroic tapestry, introducing more and more beloved characters to the point that, after five films, we have already seen the Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg, Wonder Woman, Deadshot, the Joker and Harley Quinn in action. The universe grows exponentially with each new movie, introducing characters that are already established as who they are supposed to be in the source material.


It was an interesting direction for Warner Bros. and DC to take, instead of going the more traditional origin route employed by the likes of rival studio Marvel. The result was characters that fully inhabited a rich world, one that already felt lived-in and established. However, the decision to have this version of the DC universe already fully realized brought with it a lot of questions — questions that make us wonder if the next movies in the DCEU line-up will take the time to answer. Today, CBR revisits each DCEU movie released so far to list 15 burning questions every fan needs to be answered.


Robin Batman v Superman

In Bruce’s batcave, we can see the armor of a fallen Robin, an homage to a cherished partner, and a reminder of what was lost. The armor was signed by the Joker himself, telling us exactly who was responsible for this heinous crime. But which Robin died at the hands of the Joker? Was it Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, or maybe even Tim Drake?

While set photos did seem to show the gravestone of one Dick Grayson, it never actually made it into the movie, which we therefore can’t hold as canon. Besides, with a Nightwing movie coming, it sure seems like Dick Grayson is alive and well. The most likely candidate would therefore be Jason Todd, seeing as how his death at the hands of the Joker is a story that has been explored in both animated and video game form. But still, a definite answer would be appreciated, and will definitely be forthcoming.


It took nearly five movies to hear an official confirmation that the Green Lanterns do in fact exist in the DCEU. In the third Justice League trailer, we hear Steppenwolf mention that Earth is ripe for the picking, seeing as how, among other things, there are “no Lanterns” to protect it. While it’s nice to finally have their existence confirmed, it also begs the obvious question: where are the Green Lanterns?

With so many devastating attacks happening on Earth, starting with the Kryptonian invasion, the unmistakble rise of Doomsday and Enchantress’ attempt at the world’s extinction, it surely sounds like any one of these universal threats would have caught the attention of the Universe’s foremost police force. But since they are nowhere to be seen, it seems like the Lanterns may have been wiped out. So what happened?


In Wonder Woman, we see Diana Prince come to the world of man, taking part in the fight of the Great War to turn its tide, in the process becoming a hero who believes in love above all else. But when we find her decades later in Batman v. Superman, she is a pale reflection of that hopeful and inspiring superhero. Instead, she keeps to herself.

She only comes to help in the fight when she realizes that Doomsday is too dangerous a threat for Superman to handle alone, and it is then that she decides to pick up the sword and shield again. So what happened to Diana, to drive her away from mankind — something even she said she chose to do? What happened between her first solo movie and her return in Dawn of Justice to shatter what she believed in?


Man of Steel Supergirl teaser

In Man of Steel, when Clark Kent first discovers the Kryptonian ship that will teach him about his alien heritage, he finds pods – one of which holds inside it the rotten corpse of a deceased Kryptonian traveler. But the other pod was open… and empty. Many took this Easter egg as a hint that Superman’s cousin, Kara Zor-El, was out there somewhere. And they were right.

In fact, in the official Man of Steel prequel comic, we saw the story of how this particular ship came to crash on planet Earth, and we actually learned that Kara was in fact the surviving Kryptonian. This means that, somewhere in the DCEU, Supergirl does in fact exist. But where is she? Has she been hiding? Will Superman’s sacrifice inspire her to don a red cape and protect mankind?



In the opening scene of the Wonder Woman movie, we see a story told of the Greek gods, and their influence of men. We see Zeus cast Ares out of Olympus, and the ensuing war between the two. Seemingly, we come to learn that Zeus was defeated, and that Ares, though thought dead, was actually alive, feeding humans inspiration when it came to warmongering.

So what of all the other gods in the greek Pantheon? Are they all dead as well, killed by Ares or other monsters; and if so, could they return to life somehow? The Wonder Woman comics have been known to feature many other greek deities — Diana’s family — and we wouldn’t be surprised to see them appear in the sequel. If they are alive that is…


Wayne Manor Batman v Superman

In Batman v. Superman, we witnessed Bruce Wayne’s introduction into the DCEU. After the defining moment of losing his parents and falling into a cave, we caught up with Bruce Wayne fully established as a veteran and battle-hardened Batman, one who had lost and sacrificed much in his long superhero career.

While his batcave was state-of-the-art, we were actually surprised to discover that it sat underneath Bruce’s private home, and not Wayne Manor. Actually, the family manor would be seen later, broken and abandoned, surrounded by dark clouds and unkempt fields of tall grass. What happened to the Manor? Why was it abandoned, to be replaced by Bruce’s modern home? There seems to be a lot of story left to tell here, and we need to know what happened to Bruce’s life, and by virtue of that, Batman’s.



Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor was a divisive character. Some enjoyed his particular take on the manic Lex, while others simply didn’t care for it. But while the character was seemingly positioned as the classic Superman villain we all know, there is also, supposedly, another Lex Luthor out there. In fact, Lex Senior, as his son says in the movie, “was the Lex in front of the corp.”

Lex spent quite a few of his scenes talking about his father, describing a cold man who very much sounded like someone who could be the Lex Luthor from the comics. So what happened to him? Is he dead, or in hiding? Is there any chance he may surface once more? One thing is for certain: those who did not care for Eisenberg’s performance could still have hope to see a comic book-accurate Lex Luthor arrive on the DCEU scene.


carrie ferris batman v superman

While Man of Steel was primarily the story of Superman and his surrounding cast of characters like Lois Lane, Perry White and General Zod, there was a cameo from another DC Comics character who isn’t necessarily associated with Superman comics: Major Carrie Ferris. In the comic books, Carol Ferris is instead closely associated with Green Lantern Hal Jordan.

In fact, she herself comes to wear a Violet Lantern ring to become a Star Sapphire. The character’s appearance was quite short in Man of Steel, but she also returned for another brief appearance in Batman v. Superman. Is it possible that she was introduced in the DCEU for a reason? Could she take on a starring role after the events of Justice League? If the Green Lanterns ever surface, could Major Ferris come to bear the violet light of love?


Bruce Wayne home Batman v Superman

When we catch up with Bruce Wayne before he fully embarks on his quest to kill Superman, we see him fight crime and live his normal life — well, as normal as life can be for Bruce Wayne. But apparently, there’s always time for a little bit of romance — waking up from a night of drinking wine, we see a strange woman in Bruce’s bed.

Although we never see her face, it does make us wonder who that mysterious woman could be. While the playboy Bruce Wayne could always just have been playing the field, there have been a few important other halves in his life. Our most likely candidate? Selina Kyle. Catwoman and Batman have always had a long push-and-pull, will-they-won’t-they relationship, and they’ve been known to spend quite a few nights together in the comic books.


Batman Knightmare scene from Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice

In the middle of Batman v. Superman, there is a massive scene that, while absolutely enthralling and exciting, left many viewers perplexed. The sequence, dubbed the Knightmare vision, showed a dystopian future where Batman fought alongside rebels against the tyrannical rule of Superman and his armed forces, themselves allied with what appeared to be Darkseid’s Parademons.

The sequence ended with an appearance of The Flash, from the future, warning Bruce about the sequence of events to come. But was the vision simply a dream, or a glimpse at another reality? If the latter is the case, then how was Bruce Wayne able to see a possible future? Did the Flash show him this reality? Or were the two moments unrelated? Whatever the case may be, we sure hope answers will come in the Justice League movie.


Steve Trevor Wonder Woman

There are many characters who have met their end in DCEU movies, many who were quite beloved by fans. But since this is a universe born of comic books, resurrections aren’t out of the question and it’s possible we could see some of these characters return. First among them would be Steve Trevor. While he did come to die in Wonder Woman, we are already hearing rumors that he will star in the sequel. But in what capacity?

Then, you have a villain like the standout Faora, a wickedly awesome kryptonian who managed to outshine General Zod in Man of Steel. There’s a possibility that she could be trapped in the Phantom Zone once again, which means that she could return to torment Superman once more. That is, if Superman, who is currently deceased himself, actually does rise from the grave. Although with what we know of Justice League, that’s probably a safe bet.


Jared Leto as the Joker in Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad‘s take on the famous Batman villain Joker was a far departure from the classic look the villain usually sports. It was a change in visual style that imagined the Joker as more of a modern gangster. With colorful outfits and tattoos, what made him all the more unsettling to watch, what made him terrifying, was the smile of his metal teeth.

The presence of those metal teeth beg a question, and that is what happened to the Joker’s real teeth? Did he pull them off by himself, to replace them with something even more frightening? We wouldn’t put that past him. Or did he, as some have theorized, lose them after Batman beat the living hell out of him, after the Joker killed Robin?



When Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman finally unite on-screen to fight against Doomsday, Wonder Woman states, in a casual, matter-of-fact way, that she has killed “things from other worlds before.” She doesn’t elaborate, but it does make us wonder. In her solo movie, Diana left a lifetime spent on Themyscira to fight for mankind, but she only came to face one mystical villain, and that was the Greek god of war.

The other villains she faced, whether it was Dr. Poison or General Ludendorff, were all human. And while Ares hails from Olympus, that doesn’t really fall into the “other worlds” category. This leaves us with the question, what else did Wonder Woman fight when she was a superhero, before she turned away from Man’s world? We certainly hope that the sequel will answer that question, and show us Diana fighting against legions of mystical monsters. Or maybe even aliens.


jeremy irons alfred

In Batman v. Superman, when Bruce Wayne tries to rationalize to Alfred why he wants to take the fight to Superman, he asks his old butler to look at what fighting in Gotham for 20 years did to them. He asks him to count how many good guys are left, and “how many stayed that way?” It’s a simple, short exchange, but one that speaks volumes as to Bruce Wayne’s career as Batman.

While the “good guys” might have referred to police officers, general Gotham citizens or even possibly Harvey Dent, it’s also quite possible that he meant his old partners. Batgirl? Robin? Nightwing? There are a lot of possibilities. And with Commisioner Gordon telling Batman “It’s good to see you play nice with others again” in the Justice League trailer, we really do wonder how big the Bat-family is.


ben affleck batman

When we first see Batman in the DCEU, he is already fully established as the Dark Knight, an urban myth that sticks to the shadows, one that everyone is aware and sort of accepts as a reality. Police officers are scared of him, the newspapers write about him, but he remains a mystery. We later come to learn that the hero has been active in Gotham for two decades.

So how did this all start? How did this version of Batman decide to put on the batsuit and take to the rooftops of Gotham City? How many classic villains did he face other than Joker, Harley Quinn, Deadshot and the Penguin? How many times did he save Gotham? What was his relationship like with Commissioner Gordon, before Bruce decided to cut everyone out? This, above all, is why we need a Batman movie set before the events of Dawn of Justice.

Do you have more questions you need answered? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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