The Line it is Drawn – 2017 Artist Tryouts, Week 2!

Here is the second week of the artist tryouts for the Line it is Drawn. After each of the pieces by the artists, I'll have a link to their drawing from the first week. At the end of the article, there will be a flash poll where you can vote for who you'd like to see join The Line it is Drawn beginning in 2018. The voting will last until...let's say on December 28th. That's two weeks. That's plenty of time to vote.

The theme for Week 2 was Batman team-ups!

Sean Casinger

Here's Sean's first week.

Chris Simmonds

Here is Chris' website.

Here's Chris' first week.

Brockton Fowler

Here is Brockton's website.

Here's Broxton's first week.

Jared Witkofsky

Here is Jared's website.

Here's Jared's first week.

Ignacio Di Meglio

Here is Ignacio's website.

Here's Ignacio's first week.

Lee Hull

Here is Lee's website.

Here is Lee's first week.

Chris Haizlip

Here is Chris' website (Chris also runs the awesome Unpublished X-Men website).

Here's Chris' first week.

Carina Guevara

Here is Carina's website.

Here's Carina's first week.

Casey Kruk

Casey doesn't have a website, but does post using the hashtag, #KrukedArt.

Here's Casey's first week.

Daniel MacInnis

Here's Daniel's first week.

Jerome Tyler

Here is Jerome's website.

Here's Jerome's first week.

Luke Marrone

Here's Luke's first week.

Borja Martín

Here's Borja's first week.

Simone Placchi

Here is Simone's website.

Here's Simone's first week.

Jean Sinclair

Here is Jean's website (well, ONE of Jean's website - he's got a bunch!)

Jean came up with a solicitation for this week's drawing!


Written by Tom King and Ed BrissonArt by Jean Sinclair (A/C) and Danny Miki (I)Colors by Laura Martin

Variant covers by Clay Mann, Carlos Pacheco and Paul Gulacy

The Marvel Comics/DC Comics Crossovers are back! To start this new age of exciting adventures, an unexpected tag team comes out.

When two ancient evil empires leaders , Ra's Al Ghul and Fu Manchu, join forces to mix the Elixir Vitae with the secrets from Lazaru's Pit, the MI6 needs to move their finnest agents, Shang-Chi and Leiko Wu to Gotham City and The Batman and Catwoman will need all help to stop this rising evil.

Here's Jean's first week.

T.J. Knight

Here's TJ's first week.

Julen Cendoya

Here is Julen's website.

Here's Julen's first week.

Sebastian Jimenez

Here's Sebastian's first week.

Robert Garcia

Here's Robert's first week.

John Jennison

Here is John's website.

Here's John's first week.

Roberto Duque

Here is his website.

Here's Roberto's first week.

Here is where you vote! Vote for your favorite artist!

You'll see the five new artists in the first new Line of 2018!

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