Lindelof on Star Trek Sequel: "Dark Knight Raised The Bar"

Wondering what to expect from the upcoming Star Trek sequel? According to co-writer Damon Lindelof, you should take a look at what The Dark Knight did for Batman...

Talking to E!Online, Lindelof said,

The bar is very, very high for the sequel. We're looking at a movie like The Dark Knight, which went one step beyond Batman Begins. It was really about something, and at the same time it was a superhero movie. So we don't want to abandon all the things that made the first movie work, and have it sort of be fun and emotional, but we also really want the movie to thematically resonate. So we're putting on our high-falutin' hats.


On the plus side, I'm excited to see a Trek that's going to try and reach the philosophical heights of its television forebear, instead of going for fast-paced action all the time. On the minus, I'm kind of scared about what happens when one of the men behind Lost puts on his high-falutin' hat again. But what do you think?

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