Lina Esco Joins Fox's "Lucifer" Pilot as "Maze"

Fox's adaptation of "Lucifer" has added another character from the DC/Vertigo source material: Deadline reports that Lina Esco has been cast as "Maze," the show's take on Lucifer's demonic ally, Mazikeen.

Deadline describes Maze as, "Lucifer's best friend, a fierce demon in the form of a beautiful young woman." Mazikeen, like Vertigo's take on Lucifer, has roots in the seminal Neil Gaiman-written "Sandman" series, first appearing in 1990's "Sandman" #22 by Gaiman and Kelley Jones. The character subsequently became a prominent part of the "Lucifer" series written by Mike Carey and primarily illustrated by Peter Gross; the inspiration for Fox's pilot.

Esco's acting credits include guest spots on "Drop Dead Diva" and "CSI," plus a main cast role in the short-lived 2007 CBS drama "Cane." She directed and co-wrote a 2014 film titled "Free the Nipple."

Late last week, news broke that Tom Ellis has been cast in the title role of the "Lucifer" pilot, the only other announced casting thus far. The "Lucifer" pilot will be written by "Californication" creator Tom Kapinos and directed by Len Wiseman, of "Underworld" and "Sleepy Hollow" fame.

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