Limited Soles announces limited edition DC Comic kicks

The world of limited edition sneakers, or "kicks," has had a few crossovers with the comic book collecting world over the last few years, with Adidas offering Hellboy shoes and a few other offerings popping up randomly from time to time. ACI International has just announced a deal with DC Comics to provide limited runs of Superman, Batman and Joker styles, available exclusively online through their website, LimitedSoles. The complete press release follows after the pics below.

Official Press Release

Did you know that a limited edition of DC Super Heroes shoes is now available?

This revolutionary line of shoes from ACI International is available in three different styles, each featuring one of three DC Comics characters - Superman, Batman and The Joker. The shoes retail for $110 per pair are available exclusively on the newly created website www.LimitedSoles.com.

The Superman shoe is limited to only 1,938 pairs (celebrating the year of his debut) and each shoe is individually numbered for authenticity and comes with custom packaging. Hot on the heels of Warner Bros. Pictures' release of The Dark Knight, Batman is back with this exclusive shoe from Limited Soles. Limited to only 1,939 pairs (also in deference to his first appearance) and also numbered, this shoe is a true collector's item.

Jealous that Batman was stealing the limelight, The Joker took matters into his own hands and also got himself featured on a pair on Limited Soles With only 1,940 pairs available, this shoe is a must-have if you like the villain more than the hero. As with the other two, each pair is individually numbered for authenticity and comes with custom packaging.

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