Li'l Abner, Vol. #4

Story by
Art by
Al Capp
Cover by

...You'll Believe a Hillbilly Can Fly!

High-octane humor and cockeyed characters - it's the Cappian way!

Sit a spell and you'll meet Available Jones ("Is yo' available, Available?"), Swami Riva, Big Stanislouse, Joe Btfsplk (the world's greatest jinx!), Dorothy Lamour (yes, that Dorothy Lamour), Lorna Goon, Orville Wolf, Cherry Blossom, the parents of Gat Garson, Sadie Hawkins V, Dinsmore Jerque, J.P. Fangsby, Tiny Mite, and that hog-wallowin' bundle of pulchritude, Moonbeam McSwine!

They help make 1941 and 1942 fast, funny, and unforgettable!

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