Like a zombie herd, <i>The Walking Dead</i> overruns Amazon sales list

It will come as no surprise to anyone who pays attention to comics sales that The Walking Dead, the post-apocalyptic horror series by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard, is, well, a bit of a monster, devouring one spot after another on graphic novel charts. Take, for instance, last week's New York Times graphic books list -- its formula is as mysterious as the cause of the zombie outbreak -- where collected editions of The Walking Dead accounted for three of the 10 hardcover titles and four of the 10 paperback titles.

But for a more illustrative, and up-to-the-minute, example of the book's draw, look no further than Amazon's list of bestselling comics and graphic novels (updated hourly). In the aftermath of Sunday's fiery season finale of The Walking Dead television series, editions of the comic hold a staggering 24 of the Top 30 positions, a dominance led by collections of eight-year-old material. It's also worth noting that the No. 9 slot is occupied by the 16th volume, which won't be released in paperback until June.

As we've noted before, collections of The Walking Dead are perennial bestsellers, with sales of the first volume surpassing 4,000 copies in the direct market in January, more than five years after its initial release. In his analysis of 2011 bookstore sales, CBR columnist Brian Hibbs called The Walking Dead "without a shadow of a doubt, the biggest success story" of the year, pointing out that the books collectively hauled in a mind-blowing $8.7 million dollars.

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