Lifetime Unearths 'Clan of the Cave Bear' TV Series

Lifetime is going back in time for its next drama -- way back. We're talking 25,000 years.

The network has ordered a pilot based on Jean M. Auel's 1980 novel The Clan of the Cave Bear, executive produced by Arrested Development's Ron Howard and Brian Grazer as well as Hunger Games' Allison Shearmur. The pilot is being penned by Linda Woolverton, whose Malefecint has made big box office bucks this summer.

Adapted in 1986 as a film starring Daryl Hannah, The Clan of the Cave Bear follows a 5-year-old Cro-Magnon girl named Ayla, who becomes separated from her family and eventually finds a home with a cave-dwelling clan of Neanderthals. She grows up with them and experiences a variety of problems given their different places on the evolutionary ladder.

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