Ridiculux: The 15 Most Luxurious Lifestyles Of MCU Actors

Lifestyles of the rich and the famous; it’s more than a catchy Good Charlotte song. It’s an intriguing concept to dream about when we see actors, singers, and other artists trail the red carpet with their expensive gowns, arriving in all the glitz and glam that is Hollywood. And one crowd that audiences are particularly envious of are the actors of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The MCU has been churning out comic book heroes in live-action films for over a decade, and the list of actors joining this exclusive Hollywood bracket is flourishing. Over the years, we have grown attached to the stars that play these superheroes and with that, we have become dangerously curious in exploring the MCU actors’ own lives.

We can’t help but wonder how the resplendent celebrities of the MCU spend their days when they’re not impersonating some of the greatest characters to emerge from under Stan Lee’s pen. Their attractive and seemingly luxurious lifestyles range from nonchalant jet rides as they hop from one country to another, to examining their estimate earnings that all border in the million-dollar spectrum. After all, how does the other half live? Find out for yourself in our list of 15 luxurious lifestyles of MCU actors:

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Tony Stark assigned himself the titles genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist. As a thriving entrepreneur living in Malibu, Stark shows us a lifestyle that would be coveted by anyone. And from the looks of things, Robert Downey Jr.’s own lifestyle might not be far off.

While Downey has been married to his wife Susan for 18 years, stripping him away of a matching playboy title, the lifestyle of the Downeys’ appears to be as glamorous as Tony Starks’. Downey has a ridiculous car collection that is comprised of a Porsche, a Corvette, a Bentley, a 1970 Boss 302 Mustang, a 1970 Mercedes-Benz Pagoda, Audi A8 and A7, a Mercedes-Benz wagon, and more! All of which he proudly displays on his Instagram and frequently refers to with various pet names.


Newcomer Tom Holland may have only dipped his toes into the Marvel Universe, but it has already taken an effect on his lifestyle. He is literally living the dream. Holland became a fan-favorite after portraying a young Peter Park in Spider-Man: Homecoming last summer. Fans are eager to see more of Holland to see how he plays Peter as he grows from an adolescent high schooler to a full-fledged Avenger.

With a cameo in Captain America: Civil War and his debut solo film, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Holland is soaring to the top of the chic celebrity circle. His luxurious lifestyle of jet planes and country-hopping, (all of which can be seen on his Instagram) seem to agree with him, and he’s only just getting started. Despite his newfound success, Holland is still a young and playful 21-year-old whose real-life shenanigans are amusing, especially considering his inability to keep any Marvel secrets.


This Australian native already seems to have grown up living the life near sunny beaches. But since he landed the role of Thor in 2011, Chris Hemsworth’s lifestyle seems to have escalated to that worthy of an Asgardian. His Instagram shows off helicopter rides over a gorgeous Australian horizon, comfortable private jet rides, and fishing with his little ones. His brother and fellow actor Liam Hemsworth (The Hunger Games) even recently posted a photograph with a helicopter perched precariously in the background. No big deal, right?

Hemsworth's estimated net worth is around 31.5 million. Even with three Thor films, Hemsworth has shown his talents in films such as Star Trek, Red Dawn, and the Ghostbusters remake. And considering he started off as a soap opera star, we’d say he’s well earned a luxurious lifestyle.


Zoe Saldana

Gamora may be a crime fighting killer in Guardians of the Galaxy, but the actor that portrays her, Zoe Saldana, is an established actress that is all about fashion and style . She’s appeared in almost every blockbuster hit you’ve heard of in the past decade from ‪Pirates of the Caribbean, Avatar, and now the MCU.

Salanda recently invested her dramatic earnings in a 8.7 million dollar mansion in Beverly Hills. It's a six bedroom, eight bath luxurious home to her and her twin boys, along with her husband. The space is massive, with an office, master suite, and a maid's quarters filling out the 6,300 square foot home. Not to mention, Saldana has an enormous closet and complete dressing room, perfect for her red carpet attire!


Elizabeth Olsen became easily recognizable when she first appeared as Scarlet Witch at the end of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. She bared a startling resemblance to two of the most famous twin actors of the '90s and early '00s: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Turns out, she’s their little sister! Despite her sisters’ glorious time in the spotlight, Elizabeth only made small cameos in films. It wasn’t until her unprecedented casting in the MCU that this Olsen had her own time to shine.

The Olsen twins have been out of the public eye for some time, but Elizabeth reaped the benefits of their success at an early age since the twins are estimated to be worth a staggering 300 million. As a child, Elizabeth was privy to the ins and outs of Hollywood before her time and had the luxury of travelling around the world with her sisters.


Chris Evans has had the opportunity to present not one, but several superheroes in various comic films. We all recognized Evans as Johnny Storm, aka the Human Torch from the original Fantastic Four films before becoming Captain America. He was cast as the Winter Soldier in 2011 and has since appeared in eight of Marvel’s films as his iconic character.

With his success in the MCU came the luxury of an A-list star. Evans is estimated to be worth 18 million, being labeled one of the highest paying actors in 2017 among many more MCU actors. When he’s not on set of yet another Marvel film, Evans seems to spend his time and enjoying the likes of Caesar’s Palace suites for bachelor parties. Other than that, the only insight we get to see of this staple Marvel actor is his political quips.


Like many of these Marvel actors, Chris Pratt (who plays the lead, Peter Quill, in Guardians of the Galaxy) is no stranger to private jets. Coming from a life of waiting tables, however, has kept him humble. He gained noticeable attention starring as Andy Dwyer in Parks and Recreation, but it wasn’t until he landed the Guardians role that his career took off. Although Pratt maintains a grounded façade, he still isn’t shy to post a photo to Instagram showing his sweet ride via private jet. However, he still makes sure to note how fortunate he feels to live this life of luxury. His caption reads,

“Air traffic control. Got to take a jet. Which is the pinnacle of luxury travel. So blessed and fortunate and still embracing how fantastic this is. Some people lose that. I don’t think I ever will. Who knows? I hope not to.”


This Academy Award-winning actress made her way into the pinnacle of modern cinema by landing the role of Hela, Goddess of Death. Her portrayal of Thor’s sister and the main protagonist in Thor: Ragnarok earned her high praise from critics and fans alike, sealing her ability to remain a prominent actress. Blanchett has been in the luxury of Hollywood lifestyle a lot longer than other MCU actors, which is why it’s common to see her as the face for lavish companies such as Armani.

The world recently got to look in to the grandeur that is Blanchett’s 3,600 square foot home when she placed the mansion on the market in 2016. The listing was estimated to be around 20 million for the heritage home which hosted a pool, trampoline platform, hidden retreat, tennis court, and a spa among many other luxuries that only actors on Blanchett’s level can attest to.


We have had the pleasure of following Benedict Cumberbatch’s acting career well before he was cast as Stephen Strange and his superhero pseudonym Dr. Strange. Up until last year, Cumberbatch played the delightfully eccentric Sherlock Holmes in the television series Sherlock, which ran on BBC for seven years. Before that, he made his mark by appearing in numerous leading roles in film, television, and theater. His notable roles not only landed him award nominations, but an estimated net worth of 17 million.

So how does Cumberbatch spend his days as a lavish famous actor? Mostly he seems to spend it working; when he’s not being Dr. Strange, he’s pouring himself into theater. Even recently, he was named the president of his drama school Alma mater, the London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art. Cumberbatch may be one of today’s most successful actors, but he’s anything but flashy.


Like many of the actors starring in the MCU, Karen Gillan is always out promoting the films. Starring as Nebula, Gamora’s sister in Guardians of the Galaxy, Gillian has established herself front and center as a complex Marvel character. Now with Thanos on the rise for Avengers: Infinity War, Gillian and her character will be more prominent than ever in the MCU.

Gillian has gained major success as a Marvel-ous actress, and she doesn’t mind the opportunities it has presented to her. She currently shares her life travels via Instagram when she’s out promoting her films. Mostly she’s lounging in glamorous hotel rooms from long days at comic-cons, or taking pictures out of her private jet. And while the work of a Marvel actor may be hard, Gillian seems to appreciate all the luxuries this life of red carpets, magazine covers, and global domination (we mean, travelling) has given her.



Having successfully brought Bruce Banner and the Hulk into the MCU, Mark Ruffalo is estimated to be worth about 13 million. Like the luxurious lives of the other MCU stars, Ruffalo’s lifestyle circles around promoting his most recent Marvel projects. This includes the typical world travels, private jets, you know, the usual. He has been able to take his family on vacations while working in various countries for the MCU films including Australia, England, and New York.

Ruffalo doesn’t let the success of his famed character get to his head, though. He spends a lot of his time and money helping organizations fund research and change for cancer, global warming, and lately, white supremacy. Ruffalo also frequently posts photos from being on the subway, which is strange considering the fact that he owns a $10 million apartment in New York City.


Pegged as Hawkeye in the MCU, Jeremy Renner has appeared in numerous Marvel films and is known for his Bourne Legacy adaptations. His character isn't typically in the spotlight, so you might be surprised to learn that Renner's net worth is about 35 million!

Renner’s favorite indulgent seems to be investing in adventurous toys in order to spend time with his daughter. He recently posted a photo of a pair of snowmobiles, with a miniature version in front with a caption that read, "Adventure awaits! #daddydaughtertime”. A previous post also shows another adorable moment spent with her as they play the piano (with her mini version right next to his, of course). Renner has been able to provide a luxurious lifestyle for his family, which seems to be the best way to spend his spoils. Their house is worth 25 million alone!


From Jules Winnfield in Pulp Fiction to Nick Fury in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Samuel L. Jackson is the pinnacle of A-list actors. Among many of his fellow co-stars, Jackson has been named one of the highest paid actors, having claimed the title of highest grossing actor of all time back in 2011.

From world travels, front seat NFL tickets, and companionship with the likes of Morgan Freeman and Spike Lee, Jackson has come a long way since his days living in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Jackson has a lot to show for his success, having appeared in over 100 films in the last three decades. However, at 69 years old, he spends most of his wealth these days on funding charities such as Make-a-Wish and One 4 the Boys.


Brie Larson has yet to make her Marvel Cinematic Universe debut, but we’re already more than excited to see her take at being Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel. Larson previously only had small roles in television shows and films, before her big break appearing in her real first big budget blockbuster movie, Kong: Skull Island with fellow Marvel-stars Tom Hiddleston and Samuel L. Jackson.

Larson has already begun to relish in the benefits that the MCU will soon be offering. Just look at all these Halo Top pints. At six dollars a pint, you know that she had to splurge some serious dough to get her hands on such a plentiful (and delicious) collection of ice cream. Only the rich and the famous can live so large.


Gwyneth Paltrow plays the assistant/friend/girlfriend to the notorious Tony Stark. Pepper Potts is generally conceived as the responsible, level-headed leader of Stark Industries. She is the ying to Iron Man’s yang, and essentially completely opposite of her love interest.

Paltrow landed the role of Potts in the very first Iron Man from 2008 and has appeared in various Marvel films since then. Paltrow became a household name after her first big performance in 1998’s Shakespeare in Love. She has since used her time in the spotlight to become an activist, writer, and art collector. As an art history major, Paltrow is educated in contemporary art and is said to possess a very vast art collection that, as one would expect, is actually worth quite a bundle.

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