Life-Size Wonder Woman Statue Will Defend Your World


If you find yourself among the sea of people who simply can't get enough Wonder Woman, the folks over at NECA might have a treat just for you.

The company, which specializes in designing licensed toys, collectibles and apparel, have unveiled the prototype for a life-size foam figure of Gal Gadot's portrayal of Diana Prince. Standing at just over 6 feet and 1 inches tall, the piece is "hand-painted for realistic detail" while also featuring synthetic hair.

The replica Amazonian is not NECA's first dip into the realm of DC Comics, as the outlet also provided a Batman figure that tied in with the release of Rocksteady's Arkham Knight video game back in 2015.

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Set for release this October, a price point for the warrior princess-themed collectible has yet to be listed. As of this posting, Wonder Woman's invisible jet is not included -- or is it?

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