Life-size Rocket Raccoon statue is only for 'Guardians' die-hards

We've seen plenty of Rocket Raccoon merchandise released this year in conjunction with Guardians of the Galaxy, but none compares to this -- either in size or price: It's the life-size Rocket statue from Section 9 Entertainment and Muckle Mannequins.

Stand 78 inches tall -- that's six and a half feet, with pedestal -- the collectible is of course highly detailed, and features one of his custom-made weapons from the Marvel blockbuster. Considering its size, you might think the biggest issue with buying this statue would be where to put it, but you'd be wrong.

No, the biggest issue is the price tag: $4,897 ... plus shipping (it arrives in three boxes). That's actually more expensive that Section 9's life-size Captain America and Spider-Man statues, but a heck of a lot cheaper than its Transformers collectibles.

(via Marvel)

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