Life-size Marvel Cinematic Universe statues are heading to U.S.

Those impressive life-size Marvel Cinematic Universe statues will soon be available in North America, for the right price.

Bluefin Distribution has announced an exclusive agreement with Taiwan's Beast Kingdom Toys to offer a lineup of 1:1-scale fiberglass replicas that includes the Hulkbuster, Hulk, Iron Man Mark XLIII, War Machine and Thor from Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America from Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Iron Man Mark XLII and Iron Patriot from Iron Man 3.

As we noted last month when Beast Kingdom announced the statues, they're pricey, as you might expect considering their size and detail. The 9-foot, 10-inch, 1,455-pound Hulkbuster, naturally, is the most expensive, at $19,000 (or just four monthly installments of $4,500), plus $1,000 shipping. And however much it'll cost you to reinforce the floors and raise the ceiling in your living room ...

The Hulk is next, both in size and in price, checking in at 794 pounds and $15,500. If you hope to assemble that entire Avengers lineup (or at least what's being offered initially), it'll set you back $87,900. Plus shipping.

However, once you make those purchases, don't expect your statues to arrive overnight. They ship two to three months after the order is placed.

(via ICv2, Figures.com)

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