'Life of Pi' Writer to Pen Fourth 'Narnia' Film

Things are moving along well for the fourth Chronicles of Narnia movie. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Finding Neverland and The Life of Pi writer David Magee is penning an adaptation of C.S. Lewis' The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair.

"I have always loved The Chronicles of Narnia, and I endlessly imagined myself finding my own passage into Narnia someday," Magee said. "All these years later, I'm getting to fulfill that wish just a little bit by writing the film adaptation of The Silver Chair and could not be more excited about it."

In October, the Marc Gordon Company announced it would pick up the Narnia mantle from Disney and Walden Media, which handled the first two, and Fox, which distributed the third.

The Silver Chair, is set several decades in Narnia time after the events of the previous film The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, but less than a year has passed in our world. Now King Caspian X's son is missing, so Aslan calls upon English schoolchildren Eustace Scrubb -- who viewers saw in Voyage -- and Jill Pole to solve the mystery.

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