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Ten years ago a young cartoonist named Bobby Nash began a series of strips called R.O., the title character based on his Dad. Fortunately, he was picked up by a local, north Georgia family magazine called Keeping Up With Kids and, with a few minor changes, went on to happily produce strip after strip after strip. Gone was the work related humor that propogated many of the strips, at the editors request.

Now, a not nearly as young cartoonist, Bobby has found a new outlet for R.O. and his brood. On August 7, 2002, the Monkey Spit website began running a new series called LIFE IN THE FASTER LANE starring R.O. These new strips are a way for Bobby to put the work humor back in the R.O. strips as well as showcase those one-panel R.O. strips that have not been seen outside of North Georgia.

"I have been considering moving R.O. to the 'net for some time," Bobby stated. "I've been working toward putting up my own website, but my writing assignments must take priority. Maybe I'll get my own site up one day." Bobby put his R.O. plans on hold until seeing an ad on the Digital Webbing site made him take another path. "I saw an ad on the Digital Webbing site. The ad stated they were looking for comic strips for a website called www.monkeyspit.net, and I sent them my information and a few strips for consideration. Craig and Jim, the head monkeys decided that they liked what they saw and things proceeded from there.""As with Keeping Up With Kids before them, the guys at Monkey Spit asked for a slight change. They thought the R.O. title was a little ambiguous and asked if I could come up with something a little more catchy. Life In The Faster Lane starring R.O. was born." Bobby was happy to make the change as long as he could keep R.O. in the title somewhere so those long time readers would instantly recognize the strip.

"Life In The Faster Lane is an all ages strip, similar to something you might see in a newspaper. Mostly they are R.O. commenting on life in his own, unique way. He has a remarkable view of the world. In some cases it's straight up humor, but some strips are social commentary about a situation that just begged for a joke," Bobby admits. "I think anyone who enjoys clean fun will love this strip. It delves into family and the work environment, and everyone can identify with that," says Monkey Spit's Kemper.

"Monkey Spit is a humor web site developed to showcase the talents of up and coming artists and writers," says Craig Kemper, co-creator of the site. "[With] Hopefully a laugh or two," adds Jim MacQuarrie, co-creator of the site. Life In The Faster Lane adds a new dimension to the content at Monkey Spit. Says Craig Kemper, "This strip is a fun bit of fresh air, which uses humor in a clean, family oriented way, to get its point across. The art is crisp, and lively, and the strip is a nice addition to the varied range of comic strips we currently feature." Jim MacQuarrie agrees. "It's clean. It's funny. It addresses a topic that's completely different from anything else we're doing."

"If you like good clean, although slightly sarcastic fun, I think you'll enjoy my strip," adds Bobby.

LIFE IN THE FASTER LANE starring R.O. will premiere new strips every Wednesday at www.monkeyspit.net.

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