Life after <i>Joe</i>: Looking at what Sean Murphy is doing next

Artist Sean Murphy has been tearing up the fringes of mainstream comics. Although he's yet to make a big splash in the super-hero genre, he's found his own path with a string of projects at Dark Horse, Oni and IDW. For the past few years he's called Vertigo home, and his first major series for the DC imprint, Grant Morrison's Joe the Barbarian, just finished.

But for people who have followed him over the course of his career, or just followed his active DeviantArt account, you can easily tell he's got a lot on his mind and an itch to get it out. Right now Murphy's prepping to begin a spinoff miniseries for Vertigo's American Vampire as well as writing and drawing his long-gestating series Punk Rock Jesus (which he talked about with Comic Book Resources in December). But besides that, he's been prone to just draw whatever's on the top of his head -- like the amazing pin-up to your right. Murphy's got a lot more, from a stellar Carl Sagan pin-up (who ever thought you'd see those three words together?), as well as an exclusive early look at Punk Rock Jesus, which isn't due out until 2012.

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