Liefeld's <i>Godyssey</i> Goes Hollywood

Rob Liefeld loves an epic. Whether he's working on his own or handing over his creations like Glory and Prophet to others creators to build their own stories around, the artist, writer and Image Comics founder doesn't go for small stories. He was the same back in 1996 when he released Avengelyne/Glory: The Godyssey, a one-shot that brought two of his creations together to help stop Zeus from attacking God.

According to Variety, producers Todd Garner and Brooklyn Weaver liked the sound of the project when Liefeld began tweeting about it recently, and moved to secure the rights. Weaver worked with Liefeld previously to get a Bloodstrike movie set up at Adi Shankar's 1984 Private Defense Contractors.

Variety describes the story as centering "on the gods of the grand pantheon, including Zeus, Buddha, Ra and Pangu, who must come together to fight a legion of fallen gods in an epic battle over mankind." That description does sound a bit different from the issue that opens with Zeus mocking Jesus on the cross, which leads into a fight. It also doesn't mention Glory or Avengelyne, who might be held back to star in their own potential films.

Written by Liefeld and Robert Place Napton with artwork by Ed Benes, the one-shot sports covers featuring Liefeld's artwork as well as a photo of two women dressed as Glory and Avengelyne.

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