Liefeld Reunites with Deadpool for Back in Black Variant Cover

Marvel Comics has released Rob Liefeld's variant cover for "Deadpool: Back in Black," the upcoming miniseries that sees Wade Wilson bond with the symbiote that eventually becomes Venom. Liefeld's illustration shows a high flying Deadpool half-covered in his usual gear with symbiote-infused black and white garb on the other half.

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Deadpool previously encountered the extraterrestrial parasite in 2015's "Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars," a humorous retelling of the original "Secret Wars" series that inserted the Merc with a Mouth into the event's storyline. "Back in Black" follows a similar approach, telling a new Deadpool-centric story that takes place immediately after Spider-Man rejected the symbiote in "Web of Spider-Man" #1.


Liefeld left Marvel to co-create Image Comics in 1992, but has since returned to Marvel to pencil "Deadpool" and other books such as "X-Force" and "Cable & Deadpool." In 2010, he became a regular artist for "Deadpool Corps" and, in the vein of Stan Lee, made a cameo in FOX's "Deadpool" movie.

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"Deadpool: Back in Black" #1, written by Cullen Bunn and penciled by Salva Espin, is scheduled for release on October 5.

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