Liefeld 'can't wait to someday undo' Shatterstar development

Rob Liefeld isn't happy about the latest plot development involving Shatterstar, the Marvel superhero he introduced 18 years ago.

Last week's X-Factor #45 ended years of speculation, and in-story hints, about the relationship between Shatterstar and Rictor by showing the former X-Force teammates -- both C-list players in the X-Men universe -- reuniting with a kiss.

On his blog, X-Factor writer Peter David assured fans the development "isn't a fake out."

Liefeld, however, wishes otherwise.

"... I have nothing against gays, I have gay family, nuthin' but love here," he wrote on his message board (registration required). "Ditto gay characters if that's what their true origins are.

"As the guy that created, designed and wrote his first dozen appearances, Shatterstar is not gay. Sorry. Can't wait to someday undo this. Seems totally contrived."

Created by Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza, Shatterstar debuted in New Mutants #99 (March 1991) before becoming a fixture of X-Force when the series launched a few months later.

Like Cable before him, Shatterstar was the quintessential early-'90s Marvel -- and Liefeld -- superhero. Wearing shoulder pads and countless pouches and wielding an oversized sword, Shatterstar was a genetically engineered warrior from another dimension. With a flowing rattail.

He initially was depicted as asexual, and struggling to understand human behavior. What he wasn't, Liefeld insists, is gay.

When a forum member pointed out that other writers continued to flesh out the character after Liefeld left Marvel -- some even dropped apparent clues about his sexuality and his relationship with Rictor -- Liefeld responded: "Your opinion doesn't change the fact that it sucks and it's not a positive move in most fans' eyes. And it's all well and fine that you don't respect a creator's wishes or intent. I'm different like that."

Later he added, "Shatterstar is akin to Maximus in Gladiator. He's a warrior, a Spartan, and not a gay one."

(via Andrew Wheeler)

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