Libre confirms cease-and-desist notices

The Japanese Boys Love publisher Libre has confirmed reports that it has been sending cease-and-desist notices to scanlation groups working in English.

Libre told ANN that, as a publisher, it was entrusted with the rights to these works by their authors, so it is important for the company protect those rights. Libre wants readers — not just in Japan, but worldwide — to understand that "protecting the authors' rights goes hand-in-hand with producing their works." Libre pointed towards a page on its website which details its stance on copyrights.

Libre's move is unusual in that the groups in question are mostly scanlating unlicensed manga — unlike more blatant groups such as Manga Fox or Onemanga.com who scanlated or simply posted scans of already licensed English-language manga on their sites.

Since last April, Libre's parent company Animate has been publishing yaoi manga in both English and Japanese on the Kindle.

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