"Libarro World" Now Included Within "Liberality For All"

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Official Press Release

Imagine a world where a Berkeley professor's flawed duplication ray hascreated imperfect copies of*/ /*John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Howard Deanand Ted Kennedy.


-*Lt. Kerry,* a pro-military warrior

-*Miss Rodham, *a sultry anti-feminist

-*Deaniac,* an unexcitable ultra-genius

-*Teddie,* a lovable distinguished teetotaler

But each pro-Bush duplicate has a fatal Achilles heel caused by theflawed duplication process. The four democratic leaders then set out toexploit their Conservative doppelgangers' weaknesses in order to destroythem.

LIBARRO WORLD is an all-new feature included in issue #3 of LIBERALITYFOR ALL, "the world's first Conservative comic book, which is releasedtoday.

Like the preceding issues, Liberality For All #3 is available in twocollectible cover variations: *"The Final Drudge Report" *edition, showsthe last moments of the (in)famous Matt Drudge after a U.N.-assisted'suicide;' and the *"U.N. Flag" *edition.

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