Liam Sharp Teases Mystery DC Comics Project

Artist Liam Sharp took to Twitter early Monday morning to drop a big hint about a mystery project he's been working on for DC Comics.

The unfinished pages Sharp tweeted out show a close-up panel of an old man with his walking stick. Another two-page spread depicts a long winding pathway suspended in the air. There seem to be two figures walking together down the path, approaching a bearded man with horns on his head.

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It's impossible to guess what this project could be, but based on the panel designs and Nordic runes on one of the pages, it's possible Sharp could be illustrating something out of Norse mythology. The scene looks more than a little like Asgard.

Liam Sharp signed an exclusive contract with DC Comics in the summer of 2016. He helped relaunch Wonder Woman alongside Greg Rucka to open up the Rebirth initiative. Both creators remained on the title through issue #25, but Sharp has remained under DC.

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In April, he previously mentioned that his next project would not be too far away from Wonder Woman. It has since been announced that he will be providing art for Justice League #32 as part of the "Bats Out of Hell" storyline that ties into the Dark Nights: Metal event series.

While his comment could have been in reference to this project, could it also refer to the mystery art?

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