Lexi Alexander To Direct An Episode of "Supergirl"

"Punisher: War Zone" director Lexi Alexander will expand her superhero resume even further in 2016 with an episode of "Supergirl."

Though she doesn't declare it outright, a tweet from the director earlier today indicated National City is on her itinerary in the New Year.

Sorry I canceled all kinds of events in a secretive manner & sorry I won't make it to Christkindl Market this year, but #SupGirl...you know?

- Lexi Alexander (@Lexialex) December 2, 2015

Asked in a subsequent tweet if fans should "jump to conclusions accordingly," Alexander replied with a succinct, "yes."

Earlier this year, Alexander dipped her toe in the DC Comics pool by tackling an episode of "Arrow." The episode, "Beyond Redemption," was the fourth of the show's current season to air.

Alexander has also expressed an interest in returning to Marvel's heroes, even if it costs her financially. In August, she stated that she would "forego my director's fee" for the opportunity to guide Kamala Khan to the big screen in a "Ms. Marvel" film.

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