Lexi Alexander Says She'd Forego Paycheck To Direct "Ms. Marvel"

Starting with an episode of the CW's "Arrow," director Lexi Alexander is dipping her toes back into the superhero genre following the lackluster performance of her 2008 Marvel movie, "Punisher: War Zone." In a few recent tweets, however, Alexander revealed that she's possibly ready to jump back into the genre's deep end by helming a new Marvel movie -- if one certain character is involved.

Bleeding Cool spotted the tweets, which see Alexander weighing in on MMA star and actress Ronda Rousey's pitch to play Ms. Marvel -- most likely meaning Carol Danvers, who now goes by Captain Marvel and has a film schedule for 2018. You can see Alexander's thoughts, her ideal Captain Marvel as well as her catching the name mix-up below.

. @Blackbear102 wait...Ms. Marvel?? No, Ms Marvel is Kamala Khan!

- Lexi Alexander (@Lexialex) August 11, 2015

After bringing up Ms. Marvel, a mantle now held by a teenage Pakistani American girl named Kamala Khan, Alexander revealed -- by way of some possible hyperbole -- her interest in seeing the hero on film.

I would seriously forego my director's fee if someone would greenlight Kamala Khan (don't tell my agents I tweeted that).

- Lexi Alexander (@Lexialex) August 11, 2015

"Captain Marvel" -- which does not yet have Roussey or Katee Sackhoff attached -- opens on November 2, 2018.

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