Lex Luthor Defeating Superman, NBA-Style

Nate Robinson, of the New York Knicks, did his best Lex Luthor impression when he donned an all-green uniform, along with green sneakers and a green basketball, to work as kryptonite against "Superman," last year's winner, Dwight Howard.

"KryptoNate" (all five feet nine inches of him) likely won over the voters at home by his electrifying dunk over last year's winner, the six foot eleven inch Dwight Howard, decked out in his Superman cape (here is Howard last year in his famous Superman dunk)

When the votes were tallied, Robinson (also the winner of the 2006 Slam Dunk contest) eked out a victory with 52% of the vote against Howard, who also had some theatrics of his own in the earlier rounds, when he received two perfect scores, including one dunk involving him changing into his Superman cape in a phone booth and then coming out to (rather easily) dunk on a 12-foot rim, two full feet higher than the normal rim. In the finals, though, Howard struggled and "Lex Luthor" capitalized with the underdog victory.

Read on for a super slow motion look at the dunk!

Before we get to the dunk, let's take some time out to give credit to Dwight Howard for being cool enough to let his competitor use him for his dunk, the dunk that ended up BEATING Dwight Howard. Good show by Howard.

On to the dunk!

Now, Nate does the "Superman dance."

And Howard continues his good sportsmanship and goes to congratulate his "foe"...

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