Levius Trailer Introduces the Netflix Anime's World of Mecha Boxing

Blending cyberpunk and steampunk with hard-hitting action, the manga series Levius has already earned fans around the globe.

With the upcoming anime adaptation is set to premiere next month, Netflix has released a teaser trailer that sees its eponymous protagonist entering the Mecha Boxing ring against plenty of intimidating rivals for a series of brutal brawls that feature fighters with cybernetic limbs duking it out for the adoring public.

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Like its original manga source material, Levius Cromwell is haunted by his traumatic experiences during the war as a child that cost him his right arm and his innocence. Teamed with his uncle Zachs and best friend Bill Weinberg, Levius faces similarly enhanced boxers as he attempts to overcome his tragic past and personal demons.

Created by Haruhisa Nakata in 2013, the steampunk story is still ongoing in Japan. The English-language license was acquired by Viz Media and the publisher released the first translated manga volume last month.

Judging by the atmospheric, CG animation, the upcoming adaptation is poised to be as breathtakingly emotional and action-packed as its source material.

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Directed by Hiroyuki Seshita and Keisuke Ide, Levius will premiere on Netflix Nov. 28.

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