"Leviticus Cross" #1 sells out, #2 pre-order numbers higher than debut issue

Official Press Release

Hays Entertainment's new series Leviticus Cross has sold out of the first issue at the distributor level. Copies are being rushed to meet demand. In addition, pre-orders for issue #2 have exceeded those of #1.

"Every retailer received a preview of all five issues," explains Leviticus Cross creator Seth Hays. "Having the entire series completed was something we wanted to guarantee the store owners and the fans. We're happy that our efforts are paying off and that the readers are enjoying the book."

In addition to launching a website containing bonus content, Hays Entertainment also put a trailer on YouTube and built an eye catching MySpace page. "Marketing is key for us," says Hays. "It's tough in this business to get noticed. Now it's up to us to work Diamond Distributors to make sure retailers have plenty of copies to sell."

Critics have praised Leviticus Cross: Ain't It Cool News says "This high concept fantasy project stands out from the rest due to its slick production and acute attention to every inch of the panel by the artist... All in all a satisfying jaunt into fantasy." The second issue will ship in January.

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