Story by
Art by
Letters by
Tom Frame
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In 1928, the world's largest ocean-liner disappears on its maiden voyage to New York. This vast city-ship drifts for 20 years on a desolate limbo ocean. Suicides are rife, food is scarce, and class becomes a matter of survival. As the world marks the 100th anniversary of the Titanic tragedy next month, the partnership behind Scarlet Traces create a murder mystery that unfolds into a horrific tale of hopelessness, ancient ambition, and damnation.

When there is a series of grisly murders, Detective Sergeant Lament must put aside his despair and delve into the Leviathan's depths to discover the root of its mysteries... Accompanying Ian Edington (Victorian Undead), the epic artwork of D'Israeli (SVK) reveals a truly unique world - an awe-inspiring ship filled with terrifying secrets that Lament's investigations can only re-awaken. Why is the Leviathan stranded in limbo, and will it ever reach its destination? This brand new North American edition is a stunning story by two massive talents and is not to be missed!

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