Bendis Confirms Event Leviathan Prelude Switched Huntress in for Grayson

During the Event Leviathan prologue in Action Comics #1011, Superman and Lois Lane approached Huntress with details they learned about Spyral. However, Huntress wasn't originally in the issue at all.

Posting to Twitter, writer Brian Michael Bendis revealed that the moment originally involved Dick Grayson. Grayson famously joined Spyral in his solo series Grayson, which also introduced a new incarnation of Huntress as a member of the organization. It makes sense why Superman would think to approach Nightwing about the spy agency, but the comic creators had to switch him out to honor Grayson's status in DC continuity.

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As it stands currently, Dick Grayson has no memory of his time as Nightwing. After being shot in the head by KGBeast, Grayson suffered amnesia and left Gotham. He has resisted coming back to the Bat-Family and rebranded himself as Ric Grayson in Bludhaven, where he works with a whole team of Nightwings. If he possessed his memories of Spyral in Action Comics, that would have undercut this character shift, so Bendis changed the character to Huntress.

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Action Comics #1011 by Brian Michael Bendis and Steve Epting is now on sale.

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