Letterman, Colbert Join Siegel House Auction

Superstar writer Brad Meltzer just released his new novel, The Book of Lies, but when he decided it was time to save the boyhood home of Superman co-creator, Jerry Siegel, he paradoxically enlisted the services of the man who gave us the word truthiness - talk show host Stephen Colbert. Oh, and did we mention David Letterman, too?

It's been two weeks since Brad Meltzer and The Siegel & Shuster Society announced the launch of their star-studded, comics industry-fueled online auction Ordinary People Change The World, and the former Justice League of America scribe told CBR News the initiative has already pulled in $34,000 towards the goal of $50,000.

We've also raised about $5,000 from donations and t-shirts. So we're near, said Meltzer. It's fun to watch people pay big money for Jim Lee [artwork] and others, but the best part has been watching the support from the real comic readers, so many who have bought a Siegel & Shuster Society t-shirt or donated $10 or $20. They've added it to Facebook and MySpace pages. There is no one I have more faith in than real comic readers.

As he has done since the auction kicked off on Tuesday, September 2, Meltzer has added more items for bid with Mr. Late Show himself answering the call this week.

David Letterman Tickets (Two pair of two tickets)

Donated by David Letterman

Description: The winner of this auction will receive two pair of tickets (four total) to a live recording of The Late Show With David Letterman. Special thanks to Joe Quesada for helping to obtain this auction item.

Disclaimer: Winners of this auction will coordinate logistics with the Siegel & Shuster Society. All winners must be 18-years or older and flexible with their requested dates. Winners also will supply their own transportation and lodging.

David Letterman Biography: David Letterman is the iconic award-winning late night talkshow host of the CBS Late Show With David Letterman.

Original Cover Artwork Final Crisis: Superman Beyond 3-D #2

Donated by J.H. Williams III

Description: Final Crisis is proving to be one of the most significant events in the DC Universe and Superman is caught in the middle as his story is being told in the spin-off Final Crisis: Superman Beyond 3-D. This is your chance to own the original variant cover artwork for issue #2 from J.H. Williams III, depicting the Man of Steel flying. This series is sure to be talked about by fans in the years to come, now is the chance to own your piece of modern Superman history.

J.H. Williams III Biography: J.H. Williams III is a comic book artist best known for his work on titles such as Chase with Dan Curtis Johnson, Promethea with Alan Moore, Desolation Jones with Warren Ellis, Batman and the 'bookend' issues of Grant Morrison's Seven Soldiers. He is also providing covers for Final Crisis: Superman Beyond 3-D.

Original Funky Winkerbean Sunday Strip featuring Supergirl Artist Jim Mooney

Donated by Tom Batiuk

Description: When Funky Winkerbean artist Tom Batiuk decided to do a Sunday strip to pay homage to the cover of Action Comics #252 (the introduction of Supergirl), he was able to secure a funky fill-in artist; Supergirl artist Jim Mooney! Now, is your chance to own this inked jam artwork. A fun piece for comic-strip and Supergirl fans alike.

Tom Batiuk Biography: Tom Batiuk is a comic strip artist best known for his syndicated strip Funky Winkerbean.

Jim Mooney Biography: Jim Mooney is the comic book artist considered by many to have created the definitive Supergirl style of the Silver Age. Mooney lent his distinctive style to Marvel Comics' Spider-Man as an inker for John Buscema's classic run on the title.

Original Matt Wagner Superman Color Illustration

Donated by Matt Wagner

Description: Matt Wagner captures the Man of Steel as he majestically descends from the clouds. This beautiful color illustration was done exclusively for this auction and will make a welcome addition to any collector's wall.

Matt Wagner Biography: Matt Wagner is the creator of Grendel and Mage. He is a writer and painter whose DC Comics work includes Sandman Mystery Theatre,Doctor Mid-Nite, Batman and the Monster Men, Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman: Trinity, as well as his long run of painted covers for Green Arrow. He is currently the writer of Madame Xanadu.

Batman: The Animated Series Script for When Twerps Collide signed by Paul Dini

Donated by Paul Dini

Description: It was the animated series that changed the face of Batman, with its impact still being felt today in such projects as The Dark Knight movie. This is your opportunity to own a signed script by writer/producer Paul Dini from this award-winning, ground-breaking series. As an added bonus, Paul Dini notes, This Batman/Superman team-up segment was cut from a Batman direct-to-video that was ultimately never produced. It is a lost bit of DC animated history. Enjoy!

Paul Dini Biography: Paul Dini is an Emmy award-winning writer and producer best known for his work on Tiny Toon Adventures, Batman: The Animated Series, Superman: The Animated Series, Batman: Beyond and Justice League. His comic book work includes Zatanna, as well as The World's Greatest Super-Heroes hardcover, collecting his work with Alex Ross.

Original Bizarro Painting by Felipe Massafera

Donated by Joe Prado

Description: This hauntingly beautiful gouache and watercolor painting by Felipe Massafera captures the sheer terror of the modern Bizarro, the Man of Steel's evil doppelganger. Fans of Alex Ross paintings will love this chilling interpretation by Massafera.

Felipe Massafera Biography: Felipe Massafera is a 23-year-old comic book artist, currently working for Avatar Press, doing covers to many of Warren Ellis' comics, and he also painted Allan Moore's original graphic novel Light Of Thy Countenance, which will be released next year. As a child, Massafera's first comic-book was an issue of Superman.

Original Artwork - Savage Sword of Conan #32 (Page 31) by John Buscema

Donated by Bob Wayne

Description: This beautiful John Buscema original artwork is from his acclaimed run on Savage Sword of Conan. Fans of classic sword and sorcery comic book artwork will want to have this stunning piece in their collection. Thank you to Bob Wayne for contributing this piece.

John Buscema Biography: John Buscema is the Marvel Comics artist best known for his work on Conan, The Avengers, The Silver Surfer, Fantastic Four and Thor. He also collaborated with Stan Lee on How To Draw The Marvel Way.

Original David Lloyd Artwork Wasteland #6 (Page 2)

Donated by Bob Wayne

Description: This original David Lloyd artwork is from a story written by John Ostrander and Del Close for the critically acclaimed series Wasteland. This is a beautiful and moody piece by British superstar artist David Lloyd. Thank you to Bob Wayne for contributing this piece.

David Lloyd Biography: David Lloyd is a comic book artist and best known for his collaboration with Alan Moore on V for Vendetta. Lloyd's work also includes Doctor Who, Night Raven and most recently his Dark Horse graphic novel, Kickback.

Other all-star creators offelring up their talents, prized possessions and door-opening opportunities this week are Joe Quesada, Stephen Colbert, Tim Sale, Geoff Darrow, Ron Garney, Frank Cho, Eric Powell, Geoff Johns, Amanda Conner and Alex Ross.

For a complete auction item list, visit this page, and go www.OrdinaryPeopleChangetheWorld.com to see footage of the Siegel house, bid and help make history.

The auction runs through 11:59 p.m. on September 30, 2008.

Visitors can also donate money or purchase a Siegel & Shuster Society t-shirt designed by legendary graphic designer, Chip Kidd (Final Crisis).

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