Let's take it outside: DiDio and Tan take over <i>The Outsiders</i>

DC announced at the Long Beach Comic Con today that Executive Editor Dan DiDio will continue to exercise his writing skills, as he and artist Phillip Tan will take over The Outsiders with issue #26.

"This is an exciting time for me both personally and professionally," DiDio said, as reported on DC's The Source blog. "I have been a fan of The Outsiders since their inception and with Pete Tomasi moving on to some very exciting projects in 2010, I have been afforded the opportunity to work with some of my favorite characters. Most importantly, this also gives me the chance to work with the immensely talented Philip Tan, and together I hope we can meet and exceed all expectations for this series."

In addition to his duties running the DCU, DiDio recently wrote the "Metal Men" strip that appeared in Wednesday Comics. Tan's work can be found in recent issues of Batman and Robin.

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