Let's Go Legionnaire! Steve Lightle Returns to the Legion!

[Legion]While fans of the "Legion" mourn the loss of penciller Olivier Coipel to rival Marvel Comic's "Avengers," those same fans will soon have reason to cheer again. After some years away from one the comic industry's most popular super teams, artist Steve Lightle returns to the Legion of Superheroes, the same group of super powered characters that made him a famous artist in the 80's when he worked with then superstar writer Paul Levitz. On Sunday, October 6th, Lightle posted this information to the Legion message board on DCComics.Com:

"As you probably know, Paul Levitz and Mike McAvennie had both expressed interest in my doing more work on the Legion. I've also heard from an enthusiastic Legion writer. Then there's the tremendously encouraging voice of Legion fans who have spoken up on my behalf. Of course, I said this was going to be an update, so ...

[Umbra]"I have been contacted by Mr. McAvennie's replacement. The new editor of Legion seems like a great guy, and I'm not just saying that because he quickly assigned me a story for a future issue of Legion. We talked a bit, and he surprised me with a further request that I draw the cover of an upcoming spotlight on Umbra. Anyone who knows my love for the Legion shouldn't be surprised to know that I jumped at the chance. Like I said, we had a pleasant conversation, and I came away convinced that this editor is truly excited about doing his best for the Legion. It looks as though the book is in good hands. Well, just a few hours later he calls again, this time offering me another issue. By the next day I had received a rather sizeable package containing contracts, DC art paper, copies of each issue of the current series, and a script written by DnA! It looks as though I'll be penciling and inking the interiors to that Umbra issue as well as doing the cover. I'm already enjoying my return to the Legion on these issues."

Look for a more in-depth interview with Steve Lightle on CBR in the coming weeks and check out CBR News' recent interview with Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning to get up-to-date on "Legion."

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