Let's All Lend Steve Niles a Hand!

It occurred to me that while this was covered on other places at CBR, I had not actually mentioned it here yet. So I figured it only right to mention that Steve Niles, the great creator of 30 Days of Night and Criminal Macabre suffered a flood at his home that really wrecked things.

Belinda Fernandez has organized a PayPal fund to help Niles. If you wish to send him some money, you can use the address HelpSteveNiles@gmail.com

Anything would be appreciated. A couple of bucks, whatever you can spare. If you can't spare anything, then that's fair enough. I always like that the comic book community tries to take care of our own and Niles in the past has been quite generous of his own money, so I thought it worthwhile to send him some money. But obviously no judgment if you think otherwise. I know some people get really weird when people suggest donating money to help out others.

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