Lethal Weapon Leads Exchange Harsh Words in Newly Surfaced Audio


Some of the arguments that nearly caused the end of the Lethal Weapon TV adaptation, which also led to Clayne Crawford's firing from the FOX series, have leaked to the public.

Audio excerpts from a behind-the-scenes argument between leads Crawford and Damon Wayans during the filming of an episode for the series in March has been released (via Variety). Recorded by on-set mics just weeks before the end of production for the second season, the heated exchange between the two actors quickly turns vicious.

"You're the biggest crybaby p--- I've ever met in my life," Crawford said to his co-star. "I mean, how does it feel to only be in the game because your f---- brothers are in the game?"

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"F--- you, f--- you," Wayans reponded.

An earlier incident recorded earlier in the second season's filming has Crawford yelling at nearby children for playing at a pool near the set.

"Get somebody in here with a f----- walkie and shut'em the f--- up!" Crawford screamed. "Or did we not pay for this f----- place? If we did, shut'em the f--- up!"

According to sources, an assistant director for the production quit on the spot citing Crawford's behavior.

You can listen to the audio excerpts here.

These leaks are consistent with comments by Wayans following Crawford's firing that he had file of "infractions" full of Crawford's bad behavior on-set.

Lethal Weapon has been renewed by FOX for a third season with American Pie actor Sean William Scott replacing Crawford as an entirely new character (believed to be the brother of Crawford’s Martin Riggs) to team up with Wayans’ Roger Murtaugh.

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Premiering in 2016, Lethal Weapon is an adaptation of the iconic buddy-cop film series of the same name by Shane Black. The TV series originally starred Damon Wayans and Clayne Crawford as LAPD officers Roger Murtaugh and Martin Riggs, respectively. It is developed for television by Matt Miller.

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