Lethal Weapon: Fox Cancels Troubled Series After Three Seasons

lethal weapon

After three seasons and plenty of ugly behind-the-scenes drama, Fox is officially cancelling its television adaptation of the popular action franchise Lethal Weapon.

Following the conclusion of its second season last year, there was speculation the series may be cancelled due to alleged on-set behavior by original star Clayne Crawford. Ultimately, Crawford was fired and his character, Martin Riggs, killed off in the Season 2 finale while visiting his wife's grave.

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Joining Damon Wayans' Roger Murtaugh as the new co-lead for Season 3 was actor Seann William Scott as the new character Wesley Cole. An Iraq War veteran seeking to be closer to his daughter after his ex-wife moved to Los Angeles, Cole joins the LAPD where he is partnered with Murtaugh.

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Despite the new lead, Wayans announced plans to leave the series after its third season this past October due to the demanding work schedule keeping him away from his family. The season, and now series, finale aired this past February with an explosive cliffhanger at Cole's wedding. With the series now cancelled, the television adaptation's dangling plot thread will go unresolved, as Fox plans its first regular television season under new ownership by Disney.

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