Lethal Weapon: Clayne Crawford Wishes Cast 'Good Luck' After Being Fired

Fox's Lethal Weapon has been renewed for a third season, but co-lead Clayne Crawford won't be returning as Martin Riggs.

Previously, there were two known instances of bad behavior on set, prompting him to release a public apology on Twitter. Having been fired as a result of the renewal, Crawford posted a picture on Instagram offering his well wishes to the rest of the cast and congratulating them on the new season.

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With Crawford having been let go, his role will be taken over by American Pie's Sean William Scott, who will be playing an entirely new character, likely as Riggs' brother to keep the Murtagh-Riggs dynamic alive. Fox's stipulation was that, should Lethal Weapon continue, the role of Riggs would be recast, and the show has spent the weekend in limbo as multiple actors auditioned for the open role. The show's return next year may affect the future of Gotham and its chances of a fifth season.

Lethal Weapon is the second show to be renewed this weekend; Fox had canceled the Andy Samberg comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine, though NBC saved the show Saturday as part of their midseason 2019 plans.

Via The Hollywood Reporter

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