Let Robin Wear The Short Pants, You Cowards

It's finally happening. After a twenty-year absence, Dick Grayson is returning to live action for DC's Titans TV show, played by Brenton Thwaites, and we've finally gotten our first look at him in costume... Except it's not a Dick Grayson costume Thwaites is wearing. Right down to the color scheme, he's dressed like Tim Drake.

Why does it matter, you ask? Because it means that DC Entertainment is trying yet again to erase the single most important part of the Robin legacy: the scaly green underwear. Search your heart -- without even seeing the bottom half of the costume in the photo, you know this to be true.


And it's time for us to put our collective foot down, once and for all.

Hear me out. The original Boy Wonder's silhouette is iconic: The red tunic, the bright yellow, high collared cape, the pixie boots and the scale-mail underoos (okay, fine, sure, it was a full green leotard, but whatever). Yet, for some reason, DC has spent the last decade trying to pretend that the aspect of Dick Grayson's history never happened.

This historical erasure, this injustice obviously didn't start with the Titans show. The last time Dick was given a live action incarnation, back in 1997, he was also made to wear pants. It was a…complicated era for the live action Batfamily, for more reason than one, but at the very least both Joel Schumacher and Tim Burton's crack at both Nigthwing and Robin were organic to his movies.


What I mean to say is, they weren't, y'know, actually based off any legitimate source material for Dick Grayson, specifically.

Sure, maybe DC evoked Tim Drake a little bit, but who cares. Tim was the Robin of the '90s, so you can't really blame anyone for trying. But let's not pretend that Tim's Robin costume was anything more than an act of anti-underoo cowardice in and of itself: one of the first vague attempts at shoving the perfect, adorable spectre of the '40s into the shadows for good. The point is, the long pants and latex nipples stayed squarely in their cringeworthy '90s-saturated lane. They didn't hurt anyone.


...Okay, fine, maybe it kind of hurt. But still. It was something we could forgive and forget (kind of). No one was trying to edit the original look out of Dick Grayson's life all together, and, hell, even if The Animated Series was in on the whole long con of short pants erasure, at least we still had the comics, right? At least there was still one last bastion of hope for us.

But it was only a matter of time.

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