Less Snow White, More Huntsman in Universal Sequel ... If It Happens

Contrary to reports that Kristen Stewart had been dropped from a planned sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman following her much-publicized affair with director Rupert Sanders, Universal Pictures insists the follow-up is progressing as planned. However, that plan apparently consists of a lot more Huntsman and a lot less Snow White.

While the studio tells the Los Angeles Times the second movie will focus on Chris Hemsworth's character, with the possibility of smaller a role for Stewart, The Hollywood Reporter's sources contend the project is being re-conceived as a full-blown spinoff, leaving no room for the Twilight Saga star.

The studio has yet to settle on a writer and director, with The Hollywood Reporter revealing that screenwriter David Koepp (Mission: Impossible, Premium Rush) was "settled out of his rich contract" because of the change in focus. Sanders is said to be on the list of possible directors.

The first film, which also starred Charlize Theron, grossed $389.2 million worldwide on a $170 million production budget.

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