Les Grossman Lives To Fight Another <i>Knight And Day</i>

It's a double whammy of news for Tom Cruise today. Fresh off the Mission Impossible star's appearance at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards as foul-mouthed movie mogul Les Grossman -- a character originated in 2008's Tropic Thunder -- the actor has revealed plans to continue playing Grossman, perhaps in a spinoff film.

"We're working on it," he enthusiastically informed E! Online. "Yup, we're working on it."

Some might wonder whether or not a Grossman-centric spinoff could work as a full two-hour project, but I think it's got some real potential. I'm imagining a hard R-rated comedy using a Devil Wears Prada template, where a young assistant -- perhaps even a successor to Bill Hader's character, if not Hader himself -- has to contend with the ruthless Grossman's ego. Either way, I'm definitely interested to see more.

On top of Cruise's Grossman hopes, it's been announced that the star's forthcoming action-comedy Knight and Day co-starring Cameron Diaz will hit theaters two days earlier than expected on June 23.

"It gives us a little bit of a jump on the weekend and the opportunity to get word-of-mouth going," Fox domestic distribution president Bruce Snyder told The Hollywood Reporter of the release date shift. "We want to let people know how wonderful this picture is."

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