Leonardo DiCaprio Incepts Tom Hardy For 'The Revenant'

Sometimes, dreams really do come true.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy, last seen together on the big screen in Christopher Nolan's 2010 sci-fi thriller Inception, are set for a reunion. According to Schmoes Know, Hardy is in talks to join the cast of The Revenant, the historical thriller starring DiCaprio and directed by Alejandro Gonzales Iñarritu.

Set in the 19th century, the film focuses on fur trapper Hugh Glass (DiCaprio), who's left for dead and robbed following a grizzly bear attack. When he recovers, he sets out for vengeance against the people who betrayed him.

There's no word on who Hardy is playing; it seems likely he's among the group that betrays DiCaprio's character.

(via IndieWire)

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