Lemire's "Green Arrow" Welcomes First Character from "Arrow" To Its Cast

His coming was foretold by DC Comics this summer, and the character of John Diggle debuted in a cameo in this week's "Green Arrow" #24 as characters from The CW's "Arrow" series begin to make their move from TV into the DC Universe.

Created as part of the hit television drama by executive producers Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg, and given life by actor David Ramsey, the man most commonly known as Dig will become a major player in Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino's "Green Arrow" stories moving forward.

"What we're going to see in issue #24, which is the same time season two of the show premieres, I'm kind of treating it as the start of season two on my arc," Lemire told CBR TV at Comic-Con International. "I'm going to start incorporating elements and characters from the show into the DCU. Obviously, it won't be the same story lines. It'll be the same versions of those characters, but people like Diggle will appear now in the New 52."

The character's brief debut this month will roll into November's "Green Arrow" #25 -- a flashback tie-in to the "Zero Year" event in the Batman books which will tell the origin of the comic book Diggle as well as feature the Dark Knight. With December's #26, "Green Arrow" begins "The Outsiders War" -- a long in the making story featuring an all out Seattle battle with Green Arrow, Shado, Richard Dragon and the mysterious Outsiders, whose clans reach back to Oliver Queen's years stranded on an island.

Named after "Green Arrow: Year One" writer Andy Diggle, the character made his debut on screen in the pilot of "Arrow" as a bodyguard hired to protect Oliver Queen. And while the early episodes of the show played for laughs the billionaire playboys attempts to break from his watcher's gaze in order to become the vigilante known as the hood, Dig soon became Queen's most trusted crimefighting ally. Since then, the show has developed Diggle's connection to the wider CW-based DC Universe in the form of a vendetta with assassin Deadshot (who killed Dig's brother) and a history with both A.R.G.U.S. and the Blackhawks.

Check back with CBR later today for more from Lemire on the future of Diggle and "Green Arrow."

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