Lemire to satisfy Vertigo's <i>Sweet Tooth</i>

Kevin mentioned yesterday that several new projects were announced at the ComicsPRO annual meeting in Memphis, Tenn. yesterday, including a new ongoing Vertigo series by Jeff Lemire. The creator of the Essex County trilogy talks a little bit about the new series on his blog:

SWEET TOOTH is the story Gus, a young boy born with deer-like antlers. He has lived his entire life in total isolation in the woods with his Father. As our story begins Gus' is finally forced to leave their forest sanctuary and begins experiencing the outside world for the first time. What he finds out there is beyond his comprehension; an American landscape decimated a decade earlier by a mysterious disease. Even more remarkable is that Gus is part of a rare new breed of human/animal hybrid children who have emerged in its wake, all apparently immune to the infection. The boy is soon taken in by Jepperd, a hulking drifter who promises to lead Gus to "The Preserve" a fabled safe-haven for hybrid children. Along the way a larger mystery surrounding the origins of the hybrids begins to unfold, with Gus and Jepperd at its center.

The first 22-page, full-color issue ships in September and will feature story, art and covers by Lemire, with colors provided by Jose Villarubia (Promethea) and will carry a special cover price of only one-dollar!

Sweet Tooth will hit stands two months after Lemire's The Nobody arrives in stores.

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