EXCLUSIVE: Lemire & Sorrentino Share Secrets of the Future of Gideon Falls

Gideon Falls

Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino's creator owned horror comic, Gideon Falls made the news last week with the announcement of a live action TV adaptation with production company, Hivemind -- but making the jump from page to screen isn't the only things looming on the book's horizon. Starting in the fall, Gideon Falls will be entering its second story arc as the mysteries surrounding the ominous town continue to deepen.

Described as "an atmospheric thriller colliding rural mystery and urban horror," Gideon Falls is the story of a town called -- you guessed it -- Gideon Falls, and the Black Barn, a surreal and haunting building that seems to have a connection to three, seemingly unrelated people in disturbing ways. From terrifying visions of malevolent monsters and real life murder investigations to ominous clues hidden in the town's trash, nothing in Gideon Falls is ever as it seems.

CBR sat down with Lemire and Sorrentino to discuss the story's future both in the comics and the upcoming adaptation, as well as take an exclusive look at the art for the upcoming issues #7, #8, and #9.


CBR: The first thing that really drew me to Gideon Falls as a story was the idea that it's about the whole town and this event, if you could call it that, that's spilling out across all these different people and places. It feels expansive in a way that I think typical horror tends to avoid for that feeling of narrative claustrophobia -- but on that same token, I have to imagine that the level of world building and juggling you both have to do is pretty tricky. What made you decide on taking that zoomed out approach?

Jeff Lemire: I don't know that I ever thought about it in that way – if I had I may have intimidated myself. This is really just how the story came out organically for me. It was always a book about community. We have Father Fred arriving in Gideon Falls and trying to find his place in this community after years of being transient. And we also have Norton who lives in the very opposite of this community. He lives a life of relative anonymity in a large city, but he is also being pulled towards Gideon Falls and the people there. So I always knew it would be a large cast, and to me that works even better because it really helps show the scope of the Black Barn's reach on the world.


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Andrea Sorrentino: I think it could be interesting to add that the very first title Jeff come with for this story was "the Black Barn." Then the mystery and the backstory around it kept expanding as Jeff delved more and more into the story. The cast and the world around it grew bigger, and it become clear that it was not only around the Black Barn itself anymore, but about a whole community. It’s like, in the end, Gideon Falls become a living character itself, and it sounded just obvious to name the series after it.

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