Lemire Flies With "Superboy"

Though his latest solo run in the pages of "Adventure Comics" was short-lived, DC Comics didn't take long to find a place for teenage clone Superboy. As it turns out, that place will be a book of his own.

Today on their blog The Source, the publisher announced that "Essex County" and "Sweet Tooth" cartoonist Jeff Lemire would step up for his second DCU project in penning a monthly "Superboy" series for artist Pier Gallo who recently broke onto the Super scene with issue of "Adventure Comics." The pair's run will start with a one-time only co-feature appearance by the Kansas-centered superhero in August's "Action Comics" #892.

"I am really excited to be taking over the adventures of Conner Kent/Superboy in a new monthly series," Lemire told the blog. "The book will combine many of the classic touchstones of the Superboy mythos along with new supporting characters, new villains and new ideas, building a strong foundation that can support the Boy of Steel for years to come. I really want to work with our amazing artist Pier Gallo to combine a classic storytelling feel with a thoroughly modern sensibility and explore what it would really be like to be a super powered teenager, in the heart of rural America."

This will be the first ongoing series for the Teen of Steel since the 2002 cancelation of his series which presaged the temporary retirement of the character while Warner Brothers battles over rights with the heirs of Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel.

Check out The Source for more information, and then sound off on the CBR Message Boards.

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