LEGO's New DC Mighty Micros Line Features Superman, Batman & Wonder Woman

LEGO will debut the latest sets in its Super Heroes Mighty Micros series at Comic-Con International, including the likes of Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman along with some of their notable antagonists -- though Wonder Woman is paired with one of Superman's villains rather than one of her own.

Each of the three sets includes a hero, villain and two character-specific vehicles: Batman vs. Killer Moth, Wonder Woman vs. Doomsday, and Superman vs. Bizarro. Judging by official photos of the sets, released via The Hollywood Reporter, the character designs are reminiscent of classic comic looks -- including the '66 iteration of Batman -- and not their most recent incarnations.

While SDCC attendees will be able to see the new LEGO line in person, the new sets won't be available to buy until January 2017, when they'll go for $9.99 each. The Trinity can be seen most recently in the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition released this week.

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